OpenWick Technology

Redefining candle performance with OpenWick® technology

All Cue candles are carefully crafted with our patented OpenWick® technology. Discover the brilliance of OpenWick®, where innovation meets luxury.

Cleaner Burn

From ingredients to performance, say goodbye to messy candles and hello to a clean burn. OpenWick unfolds into two self-trimming wicks to reduce soot build up and candle maintenance, ensuring your space stays clean. Coupling the burn performance of OpenWick with high quality ingredients that are non-toxic, paraben and cruelty free, Cue candles offer a truly clean burn.

Superior Performance

Experience the perfect burn every time. OpenWick offers a consistent, even pool of wax through the complete burn of the candle to prevent wasted wax on the sides of the jar and throws scent faster and further.

Elevated Glow

Create the perfect ambiance in your space with the alluring brilliance of OpenWick. The wide, low shape of the flame creates the perfect glow. Paired with premium fragrances and a modern jar design, Cue candles embody quiet luxury.