Cue is by FAR my favorite candle company. I cannot stand trimming wicks, the soot & heavy smoke that can happen with traditional candles. Their open wick technology eliminates these issues which is a huge plus for me!! Not to mention, the scents are incredible and each season there is something new and different. They make great gifts and come in all sizes. I must say, this company not only has great candles but they stand behind their products, something I always appreciate. Five stars here!

Amanda Muster

Burning a Fresh Picked Lemons Cue Candle fills my home with a clean and welcoming scent! Besides the wonderful fragrances, my favorite Cue Candle feature is how they burn evenly without tunneling, and I love the beautiful double-wick flame. The classic vessel makes styling Cue Candles to suit my decor a breeze!

Erin Harman

I compare the burn of a Cue Candle to a little cozy slice of heaven. Not only does my home smell AMAZING the burn is perfection. Most of my candles have black soot that builds up and burns uneven. Not Cue Candles, they keep a clean burn all the way to the end. I’m obsessed.

Stephanie Thornton Plymale